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For most people, a serious personal injury is a once in a lifetime event. An injured person and their family have only one chance to make a claim to obtain compensation necessary to pay medical bills, recover lost wages, repair or replace damaged property, and obtain just compensation for pain and suffering, disability and disfigurement, and loss of enjoyment of life. If you or someone you know is injured, you owe it to yourself (or them) to obtain the best representation possible.

Ahrend Law Firm PLLC is a Moses Lake firm with more than 20 years of experience handling serious personal injury and insurance claims throughout the state of Washington, including cases involving negligent and drunk drivers, corporate and government misconduct, professional malpractice, and abuse and neglect of children, the elderly and vulnerable persons.

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Insurance companies track how often your lawyer goes to court, and you should too. The primary tool in a lawyer's toolbox is the ability to go to trial and honestly persuade a judge or jury of the justice of his or her client's cause. If a lawyer does not regularly take cases to trial, an insurance company has no reason to offer fair compensation in settlement.

Our legal services include:

Fair Compensation And Coverage

Proving that an injured person is entitled to recover damages from a wrongdoer or insurance company is only part of the battle, and often not the most important part. Proving the amount of damages is where an experienced lawyer makes the most difference because the law does not furnish fixed standards to measure damages other than what is fair and reasonable.

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You need a lawyer who will represent your best interests and defend your rights. Ahrend Law Firm PLLC is a uniquely qualified firm with experience in the state's highest courts. We will represent you with dignity, integrity and perseverance.

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