The Full Damage Of A Car Or Truck Accident

Unfortunately, injuries happen frequently in life. While some are unavoidable, many are caused by someone else's behavior or action. Most car accidents can be avoided. When a reckless or drunk driver causes an accident, that driver is liable for your pain and suffering.

Seeking Justice For You

Central Washington is a busy corridor, with trucks hauling goods in every direction. Car and truck accidents are a frequent cause of pain and frustration.

Recovering from an injury is challenging enough, but knowing where to turn and how to seek proper compensation when someone is at fault is another complicated layer. You need a professional to protect your rights and help you resolve your problem. We are an experienced firm that understands short and long-term damages, whether that involves a broken bone or a hard-to-define brain injury.

A Diverse Firm With Deep Experience

Ahrend Law Firm PLLC has been helping Washingtonians navigate complex legal issues for 22 years. Our diverse experience in both personal injury and insurance law gives unique perspective to help you through a car or truck accident injury.

George M. Ahrend is an experienced trial lawyer who knows how to argue before a judge and jury. He presents evidence strategically in a manner that reflects the true extent of your injury: including the harder to define pain and suffering that comes with injuries.

His experience with insurance claims will help you maximize your coverage and receive the compensation you have paid for. His deep knowledge of the industry makes it easier to work with transportation companies and other third parties with complex bureaucratic layers.

We're frequently requested for appellate assistance before the state's high courts. We're experienced and we're respected by our peers.

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