The Serious Cost Of Traumatic Brain Injuries

The human brain is more complex than any machine and more important to daily functioning than any other organ of the body. At the same time, the brain is extremely delicate, having a consistency similar to gelatin.

Traumatic Brain Injury (or TBI) is an injury to the brain that occurs when the head forcefully collides with an object such as the dashboard of a car, and it is a major cause of death and disability. Effects of TBI can include impaired thinking, memory, movement, sensation, or even personality changes or emotional disorders such as depression. These injuries affect entire families, not just the injured person him- or herself.

Why You Need An Attorney To Represent You

Unlike physical injuries, TBI cannot easily be "seen," even using sophisticated computer imaging techniques. It takes experienced legal counsel to properly address the medical and legal issues that arise in a case involving TBI.

Ahrend Law Firm has significant experience with TBI. In addition to TBI resulting from motor vehicle and other types of accidents, the firm has been instrumental in getting Washington courts to recognize claims against schools and coaches for failing to remove student-athletes from competition when they exhibits signs and symptoms of concussion and prematurely returning them to play.

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