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Could strong wind cause a serious truck accident?

While driving on Washington roads, you have likely seen your fair share of big trucks. You understand that the drivers have jobs to do and deliveries to make, but you may also worry about how a sudden action from one of those drivers could cause a serious accident.

Unfortunately, tractor-trailer accidents often have devastating outcomes. The likelihood of such incidents increases when the weather includes wind and rain. In fact, while you may not think terribly much about the effects of wind on driving, it could play a big role in an accident involving a tractor-trailer.

Don't become prey for insurance adjusters

Just as there is no way to predict when you may be involved in a motor vehicle accident, so there is no way of knowing exactly what will happen in the days and weeks to follow. So much depends on the extent of your injuries and the prognosis of your recovery that it may seem as though your life is on hold for a while.

Despite all the uncertainties, you can almost guarantee you will be dealing with an insurance adjuster at some point. It is likely the insurance company will make contact with you by phone or in person to verify your injuries and gather additional information about your accident. However, if you are not prepared for the methods insurance adjusters often use to garner information from you, you may unintentionally damage you chances of obtaining a fair recovery.

Septic infections often stem from nursing home neglect

One of the most difficult decisions you made was whether to place your parent in a Washington nursing care facility. If your loved one had been failing in physical or mental health, you may have reached the point where you could no longer safely and effectively provide for his or her needs.

Entrusting your parent to a professional nursing staff seemed like to logical thing to do, so you understandably felt a sense of betrayal to notice signs of neglect in your loved one. In addition to soiled clothing, unkempt hair, and evidence that the staff had not adequately fed or bathed your loved one, you may have discovered that your loved one showed symptoms of having an infection. This gave you cause for alarm.


As of 2010, the Office of Inspector General for the US Department of Health and Human Service estimated that 180,000 Medicare patients alone (not including privately insured patients) died as a result of poor hospital care each year. As of 2014, a study in the Journal of Patient Safety estimated that between 210,000 and 440,000 patients who go to the hospital for care suffer some type of preventable harm that contributes to their death. This makes what are sometimes called "medical mistakes"--in other words, medical malpractice--the third leading cause of death in the US after heart disease and cancer.

Distraction and its dangerous effect on drivers

Washington readers know that distracted driving is a significant problem posing a threat to every person on the road. With the increase in phone use and distracting technologies found in many newer vehicles, it will likely continue to be an issue. Despite knowing the dangers, many drivers continue to engage in distracted driving.

Distraction comes in many forms, and it can affect a driver in various ways. It might be helpful to understand the different types of distracted driving and how it can impact a person's ability to safely operate a vehicle. A person can be unfocused and inattentive, even when he or she does not appear to be.


In 2009, the Washington State Legislature passed the Zackery Lystedt law, named after a boy whose life was dramatically altered by a concussion sustained in a football game. The Lystedt law requires schools and the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA) to develop information and forms to educate coaches, parents, and young athletes about the risks of concussion and head injury, and to develop guidelines for the management of concussion and head injury. Schools must distribute information to parents and young athletes at least annually, but there is no similar requirement for non-school athletic programs, and many participants in non-school athletic programs are not adequately trained and do not have adequate policies in place to manage concussion and head injury.


Arbitration refers to a non-judicial process where a neutral person is selected to make a binding resolution of a legal dispute. When the parties voluntarily agree to arbitrate a dispute after it arises, arbitration can provide a relatively low cost and quick way to resolve the disputes. However, more and more companies are forcing arbitration agreements on employees and consumers as a condition of taking a job or providing goods and services. These pre-dispute arbitration agreements are often included in the fine print of employee handbooks, contracts for cell phones, credit cards and other consumer goods, investment and retirement account agreements, contracts to build or remodel a home, and even admission packets for nursing homes, to name just a few examples.

You've Just Been In A Car Accident! Now What?

Last year there were 122,337 motor vehicle collisions in the State of Washington, resulting in 508 deaths and 27,190 injuries. Fatal and injury-causing collisions are not going away anytime soon, as driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and distracted driving while using a cell phone remain significant problems. If you are involved in a collision, there are just a few things to keep in mind to protect yourself and your family.

Do you suspect nursing home abuse or neglect? Here's how to tell

If you recently moved an elderly loved one into a Washington nursing home, you may have done so with reticence and hesitation. Even though you know that it was the best choice due to the level of care your aging family member needs, you probably hear or see far too many stories of nursing home neglect and abuse, whether in the media or from people you know personally.

Just like those families, you did your due diligence and chose the facility you felt would provide the best care possible. You spoke with administrators and toured the nursing home, keeping your eye out for anything out of place that would make you reject it as a contender. Lately, you may have begun to wonder whether you made the right choice after all. You suspect something isn't right, but are not sure how to know for sure.

Is my insurance company acting in bad faith?

When you purchased your auto insurance coverage, you may not have given it much consideration. You may have accepted whatever suggestions the agent made, especially if you needed coverage immediately to purchase a new vehicle. If the monthly premiums came out of your checking account, you never gave it another thought.

On the other hand, you may be the kind of person who shopped carefully, compared prices and opted for the best coverage. You read the policy carefully, noting the exclusions, and you asked your agent questions about anything you didn't understand. You are a rare breed, but your diligence paid off when you had an accident. At least you thought it did until your received the claim rejection in the mail.

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