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Is my insurance company acting in bad faith?

When you purchased your auto insurance coverage, you may not have given it much consideration. You may have accepted whatever suggestions the agent made, especially if you needed coverage immediately to purchase a new vehicle. If the monthly premiums came out of your checking account, you never gave it another thought.

On the other hand, you may be the kind of person who shopped carefully, compared prices and opted for the best coverage. You read the policy carefully, noting the exclusions, and you asked your agent questions about anything you didn't understand. You are a rare breed, but your diligence paid off when you had an accident. At least you thought it did until your received the claim rejection in the mail.

Truck accidents and brain injuries

Living along a major highway is both convenient and challenging. Hopping onto the interstate makes travel much easier and saves time, which is also why it’s a popular way to transport goods across the country. We live in a major transport corridor and we share the road with heavy trucks when we travel throughout the state.

A standard semi is 13 feet six inches tall, between 70-80 feet long and weighs roughly 80,000 pounds. Because trucks are so large, they handle differently. They are slow to accelerate and stop, make wide turns, and can be hard for other vehicles to see around them. For those in smaller cars, a semi sometimes feels more like an obstacle than another vehicle on the road. Because of their size, they can be a dangerous obstacle.

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