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Truck accidents and brain injuries

Living along a major highway is both convenient and challenging. Hopping onto the interstate makes travel much easier and saves time, which is also why it’s a popular way to transport goods across the country. We live in a major transport corridor and we share the road with heavy trucks when we travel throughout the state.

A standard semi is 13 feet six inches tall, between 70-80 feet long and weighs roughly 80,000 pounds. Because trucks are so large, they handle differently. They are slow to accelerate and stop, make wide turns, and can be hard for other vehicles to see around them. For those in smaller cars, a semi sometimes feels more like an obstacle than another vehicle on the road. Because of their size, they can be a dangerous obstacle.

External and internal injuries

When we think of car accidents, we think of flashing ambulance lights, tow trucks and injuries like broken bones, cut and scrapes and broken bones. Breaking glass and dented frames cause serious harm, but internal injuries are sometimes even more damaging. The sudden movement or stop of a crash can twist and shift organs, like the brain. When a smaller car hits a large truck, that impact intensifies.

Car and truck accidents are the third leading cause of traumatic brain injury in the US. A sudden bump can move the brain forward and backward, causing it to bruise, bleed and even tear. Brain injuries are not visible on the outside, but they have serious effects for their victims. Besides headaches, confusion and memory problems, a serious brain injury may also affect one’s ability to sleep, moodiness and their relationships with loved ones. In severe cases, people can no longer work or live independently.

Brain injuries are often unseen

It is always important to seek medical treatment after any car accident, even when no symptoms are present. It is common for adrenaline to mask injury in the aftermath of the incident. Because brain injuries are internal, it can be even more difficult to tell if anything is wrong.

A few symptoms include: 

  • Headaches
  • Nausea and dizziness
  • Confusion
  • Poor memory
  • Tiredness or sluggishness
  • Weakness or numbness

Diagnosis, treatment and moving forward

When it comes to brain injuries, immediate treatment is essential for recovery. While awareness of brain injuries has increased, it remains difficult and expensive to diagnose and treat them. If you need help recovering from an accident-related injury, an attorney can help you find the right medical care and seek compensation to cover the costs and damages, ranging from medical expenses and auto repair to payment for injury-related therapy, loss of income and additional damages.

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