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Could strong wind cause a serious truck accident?

While driving on Washington roads, you have likely seen your fair share of big trucks. You understand that the drivers have jobs to do and deliveries to make, but you may also worry about how a sudden action from one of those drivers could cause a serious accident.

Unfortunately, tractor-trailer accidents often have devastating outcomes. The likelihood of such incidents increases when the weather includes wind and rain. In fact, while you may not think terribly much about the effects of wind on driving, it could play a big role in an accident involving a tractor-trailer.

Staying safe in wind

Though you do not drive a big rig yourself, you can take steps to avoid accidents with them by paying attention to your own driving habits and anticipating possible hazards. Some tips for driving in heavy wind include the following:

  • Have a firm grip on the steering wheel. Strong winds can move vehicles more easily than many people realize, but by maintaining a firm grip on the wheel with both hands, you stand a better chance of remaining in control.
  • Remember that gusts can often punctuate steady winds. If you begin to lose complete focus on driving, a sudden gust could catch you off guard.
  • Pay attention to larger vehicles on the road. Tractor-trailers, RVs, vehicles pulling trailers and other large vehicles stand a greater chance of catching the wind, which makes it more likely that gusts could cause drivers of these vehicles to have difficulty maintaining their lanes.

Unfortunately, if a truck driver loses control of the vehicle due to heavy winds, a serious accident could easily take place. Even just momentarily swerving out of the correct lane could result in a collision, which could then have a chain reaction of harrowing events.

Aftermath of an accident

The aftermath of a trucking accident can take a toll on numerous people. If involved, you could suffer severe or catastrophic injuries that change your life forever. You may have trouble finding ways to move on from such an event, which is understandable because the physical, mental and financial impacts of this type of crash can prove long-lasting.

One step that may help you pursue financial recompense and possibly a sense of closure is to consider your legal options. Filing a personal injury claim after a serious truck accident may give you the ability to seek compensation for damages resulting from the life-changing event. Gaining information from local legal resources may allow you to become more knowledgeable on this option and determine whether it could suit your circumstances.

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